Sunday, October 24, 2004


Secretary of State

I am endorsing Jacqueline Mackey Paisley Passey for the position of Secretary of State for the State of Washington. So, why is a liberal endorsing an Libertarian? The current occupant of that office played a significant role in allowing the change in how we vote in this state. Because of his action (and inaction), we can no longer vote independently in the primaries. We are now required to vote a straight party ticket. The third candidate in this race, Laura Ruderman, is a prominent member of the other party that forced this change upon us.

Since this is strictly a party-only vote to determine the final candidates within their respective parties, we the taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for this in-house event. If the Democratic Party wants to run an election within their own organization, the Democratic Party should pay for it. Same true, of course, on the Republican side. As the refrain often repeated during the lead-up to this situation was often repeated: It's their party.

Disclosure: Jackie also happens to be a good friend.

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