Sunday, November 07, 2004



I've seen variations on the theme where Republicans just KNOW that Democrats think that the United States is just another country in a large world, that we're nothing special except that we have an out-of-control military force, that we must build coalitions to tackle international issues, blah blah blah. Bird Dog over at Tacitus said,

... the lack of an underlying belief by Democrats of American exceptionalism. This failure of confidence in the American experiment, ...

More of the same blah. But I immediately translated and transposed a bit of this to

Republican arrogance in the confidence of Republican superiority.

And I think it's finally gelled: Republicans are arrogant in the belief of their own superiority. No others know better than they. And that arrogance is one of the factors that has caused me for some ten years to reflexively disapprove of the Republican as a person and, therefore, their message.

They're arrogant people. And for those in positions of elite influence and power, their arrogance makes up a significant part of their persona.

They're arrogant people.

Thanks, Bird Dog. You've opened my eyes a little wider.

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