Sunday, November 07, 2004


Moving forward

No, I'm not over it. I never got over the stolen election of 2000, so I expect this will linger for a long time as well. But that doesn't mean that I'll ponder endlessly on what should have happened.

Of course, Republicans think that the world is now at their fingertips, that everyone agrees with them, that Liberalism is dead, and Democrats irrelevant. Some 55 million Americans, 49% of the voters, disagree. Mandate, my ass. And what do the Brits this of this? Check this out.

For me, Kitsap County is still here, the family is still here, the Lions Club is still vibrant, and the job hunt continues. My political standards haven't changed so I'll just keep going.

And, speaking of family, I have to take my daughter to the airport early tomorrow morning for a flight to California. Considering the horrendous rush hour traffic on any working morning, that means we need to leave three hours prior for a drive that would otherwise take one hour.


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