Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Secular v. biblical from another perspective

I earlier discussed the topic of secular v. biblical education, instigated by an article in the Kitsap Sun penned by Mr. Carl Johnson. Dave Neiwert explores fundamentalism v. science:

Fundamentalism begins with articles of faith, gleaned from Scripture, for which it then goes in search of evidence as support -- ignoring, along the way, all contravening evidence.

Science begins with the gathering of evidence and data, which are then assembled into an explanatory model through a combintation of hypothesis and further testing. This model must take into account all available facts, including contradictory evidence.

They are, in other words, 180 degrees removed from each other in how they affect our understanding of the world. One is based in logic, the other in faith. As methodologies go, they are simply irreconcilable.

Moreover, it's clear that the fundamentalists who are rapidly gaining complete control of the American government's reins of power fully recognize this natural emnity -- and intend to use their rising power to curtail the influence of science on society: in government, in the schools, and in the media.

In case you don't know, Dave is an excellent writer using a down-to-earth style that ties the details together in an understandable manner. Highly recommended.

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