Sunday, December 05, 2004


Addition to Blogfool

I've rearranged
the blogtroll on the left

Included is a link to
Signifying Nothing. A new contributor has been added, Robert Prather. Robert formerly hosted Insults Unpunished, now closed. So he's back on a part-time basis. He has an excellent writing style, even though he's frequently wrong!

Also added is a link to the Daynotes Portal. Daynotes is a collection of technology bloggers. The group includes such famous authors as Jerry Pournelle, Tom Syroid, Brian Bilbrey, and Dave Farquhar. My personal favorites are Dan Seto, John Dominik, and Rick Hellewell. I was previously a member of this august company but withdrew because my old blog took a turn from technology to politics.

Submitted for your consideration.

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