Thursday, December 02, 2004


Catching Up

Almost a week since my last post. Time flies.

I've been busy with routine car maintenance, promoting S & H Consulting, finding permanent employment, and generally staying busy. When the wife isn't working, she has a tendency to keep me distracted with her house tasks.

I got our first local contract for S & H: translate/transfer a load of WordPerfect 5.1 documents to Word 2003 for a local attorney. The information is currently on a 10 year-old Gateway running Windows 95 with two 20-meg hard drives. He recognizes the hardware is past it's prime, is starting to hiccup and slow down. So he bought a new Gateway and it's been sitting on a side table in his office for a month. Our letter and phone call falls into the category of Great Timing. I need to find some translating utilities and bring them along. I've also got to brush up on connecting a Win95 box without a NIC to a new box, probably on the order of LapLink or some such device.

Had a job interview yesterday. I'll know next week if I got it.

This afternoon I'll be participating as a judge in a local schools competition for SkillsUSA.

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