Saturday, December 04, 2004


FeedDemon: Blog Aggregator

An aggregator is a program that scours Internet sites assigned by you and displays the latest articles and updates. In order for you to receive this information, the web site must have an RSS service running. RSS is now a common feature of web sites. Chances are, your favorite news sites and blogs have RSS in place.

I had tried aggregators before but dismissed them for one reason: I couldn't read the entire article. All I got was the title or the first few lines of the article.

Now comes FeedDemon, brought to my attention by Kevin at LexBlog.

This is very handy for keeping current with news sites as well as blogs. All your reading and browsing done in one window. And automatically updated, too. FeedDemon has a layout similar to a newsreader. Easy to set up and navigate. The link allows you to download version 1.5, Beta 3. Yes, it's Beta, but I don't mind. I downloaded it and had it completely set up within 10 minutes. Since it's Beta, I have a chance to provide feedback. Personally, I'd like to see a tool to control the size of the text, similar to what we have available in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Highly recommended.

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