Friday, December 24, 2004


I'm Back

It's been three weeks. Jeez.


Officially unemployed, but S & H Consulting appears to be picking up work. It's a test of my marketing skills. After the first of the year, I will be aggressively pursuing that again. Between now and then, I'll make the calls but don't expect much in results.

The Christmas tree is up, presents scattered underneath. The Mrs. is working today. My daughter, on her own for some time, is also working. So that means my son, Eric, and I are on our own. Unsupervised. Such a condition usually has disastrous effects.

Later today Eric and I will go to Sequim to visit my dad and step-mom. Tomorrow we go to My Brother Dave's house where us four brothers and the families gather every year. My mom won't be there this year because my step-dad, Alan the Norwegian (though not held against him), is feeling poorly. We'll open our presents and then go to the Muckleshoot Casino for Christmas dinner. They put on a big buffet spread there every year. That relieves My Brother Dave and Diana of the usual kitchen responsibilities of a Christmas host. After we return to My Brother Dave's house, we'll continues the visiting and then break out the cards and poker chips. Last year and the year before I broke even. The two years before that I came out ahead. I think. I expect we'll load up the SUV for the one-hour return trip to the Hedstrom Habitat at about 2000.

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