Monday, January 03, 2005


Eric's Broken Arm

Eric broke his arm yesterday afternoon. He was a passenger in a two-seat go-kart. While improving his driving skills on an empty dirt lot down the road from our house, the driver took a sharp left and rolled it. Eric took the initial impact on his right side and his upper arm snapped. So a trip to the hospital ensued. X-rays revealed the break with the lower portion of the bone pushed up alongside the upper portion by about a half-inch. Pain, of course, was severe but modern drugs almost made him indifferent as the doctors maneuvered the bones back together. I got to watch the entire procedure, from planning discussions to cast. They used a "portable" X-ray machine to take about 20 pictures as they worked on it. Fascinating.

He woke up this morning to more pain. A single pill put him back to sleep in about 20 minutes! Fortunately, I got a little food into him before he zonked out.

Hopefully, he'll be in good shape tomorrow to return to school.

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