Thursday, January 06, 2005


Hiding Out

That's right, I'm hiding out at my mom's and step-dad's house (Alan the Norwegian, though we don't hold that against him) because we're expecting snow tonight. Western Washington driver's don't know how to motorvate through snow or ice. Compounded with extremely crowded freeways, it makes for a dangerous commute. So I'm hiding out here tonight. Tomorrow's commute should take less than a half-hour; maybe 45 minutes. With luck.

Work, in the mean time is very interesting. A full month of hands-on training before they turn me loose for semi-independent work. I memorized a ton of stuff for the MCSE tests that I've since forgotten. I've been told that I will get lots of hands-on, detailed practice in most of it. I'll also have to certify on Windows 2003 Server, but by the time I need to do that I should have lots of experience.

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