Friday, January 21, 2005


I'm Alive ... just barely

Life is tough right now. I get up at 0430, out the door to work an hour later to fight the traffic. I get home at 1830 or 1900 after slogging through traffic, eat dinner, and to bed by 2000. I'm tired. I've abandonded hope of reading newspapers, blogs, news sites, etc. The weekend is crammed with everything that I normally do during the week (and sleeping)!

The job is fascinating and so much to learn. Every day I make like a sponge and absorb everything I can.

The good news is that next month I start swing shift. That should make life a little easier. Maybe even update this blog a little more frequently.

I'm spending tonight at my mom and step-dad's (Alan the Norwegian, though we don't hold that against him) house because I will be at the Maytown rest stop on I-5 with other Silverdale Sunrise Lions. Four months ago I signed up for the first shift, 0200 to 0800, thinking it would not be difficult. Jeez. That means I leave here at midnight. I may never catch up on the sleep.

I note that I got a brief mention from Micajah at The Croker Sack. I admire his copy-and-paste skills. Very prolific.

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