Monday, January 03, 2005


Red Herrings

In two separate articles, Mark Gisleson's posts at Norwegianity dovetail nicely:

There’s a lot of anger in politics right now, but half of it is falsely manufactured wrath designed to keep people from taking a long hard look at the people running things.

Many in the Republican party (some of whom I’ve just spent a week listening to gloat and strut about their dominance) are going to immediately attack with everything they have. This goes to the racist base in which it is assumed to be a-ok to torture “those who do not look or sound like us.” There are more of them than you think. But they are uncomfortable with criticism and their reaction is to lash out viciously. (Quite a few of the wingnut “Year End” lists were quite adamant that Abu Ghraib was overblown by the liberal media.) They will get hysterical about the existential threat we face and talk about the constitution not being a suicide pact. They’ll paint us all as a bunch of wimps who can’t stand up to terrorism.
The Republicans come up with red herrings almost on a weekly basis. It dates back to the Clintons involved in murder and drug running out of Mena Airport, extending to today's silliness of Christians and Christmas under attack.

The right wing of the right wing party controls all three branches of Government, but somehow they think that the Democrats are driving American civilization to hell in an electric car.

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