Sunday, March 06, 2005


A Local Tempest

I'm not sure if the tempest could fit into a teapot, but it might.

Mr. Irwin Krigsman of Bremerton wrote a letter to the editor of the Kitsap Sun, published on 5 March, complaining of a proposed sale of land.

I was taken aback when we heard from public works director Phil Williams that the Bremerton Public Works and Utilities Department after recently acquiring the 39 acres of the wooded [Tracyton] watershed, was selling the property to a buyer who just happened to submit an offer for it.

The property was never publicly offered for sale, no realtor had been contacted to place it on the market, and no public notice was ever made that this property was surplus to the City of Bremerton's needs and available for sale.

He hinted that "insider trading" may have taken place, that "something fishy" was going on.

Mr. Krigsman is incorrect. The Sun first reported on the proposal in September, again December, and last month as well. And the land has not yet been sold, as the Council delayed the sale at the very same meeting that Mr. Krigsman attended.

So is this a case of a local resident who didn't do his homework nor attend other Council meetings wherein this item was discussed? Maybe not. It seems Mr. Krigsman has been environmentally active in this area of the county for some time. The Sun reported on his activities on documenting the details of the Illahee Forest and was (and may still be) a member of the East Kitsap Salmon Habitat Restoration Committee. He's a fellow that keeps up on local environmental issues and actually participates in developing solutions - for which he should be applauded.

So it seems to me that Mr. Krigsman is not the average ignoramus bumping through Kitsap County. In fact, I'm inclined to think he's smarter than most folks. So why the lack of fact checking? Why is he making these innuendoes of underhandedness? I'm missing something in this picture.

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