Thursday, March 03, 2005


Return from Mazatlan

My father, stepmother, my brothers and their wives, Linda and I all went to Mazatlan. Without the kids. We returned last night weary but happy. We had a wonderful and relaxing time. We stayed at Vacation Internationale's Torres Mazatlan. I was able to abide by my goal of Mexican-only food and never the same dish twice. Only got a little sunburned, bought lotsa souveniers. And we discovered the Linda has a taste for Tequila and dancing on stages - thanks to the attentive staff at SeƱor Frogs (incredibly, no web site)!

The only fly in the ointment was the Los Angeles stop between Mazatlan and Seattle. The trip was a single flight number aboard the same aircraft. The problems began with a last-minute change of arrival gate, aggravating an already tight schedule. We then transited immigration/customs, awaited baggage (40 minutes - yes, 40 minutes), shuffled through customs baggage check, rechecked baggage for second leg of flight, trotted to another terminal, went through more security checks, found the gate and thanked the crew for delaying the flight to Seattle more than 30 minutes. My stepmother, confined to a wheelchair, and my father, hampered by a metal hip, were especially aggravated. Everything was rush-rush and we had to slow the guy pushing the wheelchair. The TSA guys insisted on everyone removing half of their clothing for the x-ray machine, everything in separate buckets, not enough TSA people to keep the x-ray line moving, reassemble clothing. And, of course, dad had to endure another 15-minute pat-down /wand check.

What a zoo.

Never again.

Cruise ships only.

But we're glad to be home. ... sort of.

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