Sunday, April 24, 2005


Bipartisan Humor in Kitsap County

Last night the Silverdale Sunrise Lions Club hosted it's first Roast and Toast fundraiser. Our victim was Kitsap County Commissioner Patty Lent. Roasters included husband Doug Lent, old family frient Burt Frahley (sp?) , Paulette DeGard of the Kitsap County Republicans, Tim Botkin (the fellow she unseated to obtain the Commisoner's seat), Lary Coppola of the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal, and me.

The evening was very successful. A
LOT great stories and jokes, some fictional and some might be factual. I'd really like to know more about our Commissioner meeting Doug at the ferry terminal in her robe. Both Democrats and Republicans shared the fun, the barbs, the conversation.

We held the event at the Red Lion Hotel in Silverdale. The Wine Captain was Mary Earl of Grape Expectations also in Silverdale. Margo Curley of Affordable Pics was our photographer. Sandra Burrows was very creative with the table decorations. Donors of raffle prizes included Lary for an ad in the
Journal, Teri and Wayne for donating a 20" television, a basket of Lions souveniers from the Lions International convention in Japan donated by Patty, and a three-day cruise from Vancouver, B.C. to Seattle donated by Classic Journeys Travel in Silverdale. All these great people and Patty Lent combined to make for a wonderful evening that we won't forget.

Thank you all.

Update: Pictures can be obtained by e-mail the address pattylentroast which is on comcast "dot" net.

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