Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Hear, Hear

Robert at Lawyers, Guns, and Money (also, new addition to blogboole) reiterates a topic about which I've previously scribbled:
The only word that can fully capture [Confederate General Robert E.] Lee's behavior is treason. Not Jane Fonda treason; he didn't just give aid and comfort to the enemy. Rather, he was instrumental in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Americans. For this, he deserves to be consigned, along with the other Confederate elite, to the historical equivalent of Dante's Ninth Circle of Hell, where he can hang along with John Wilkes Booth, Pierre Laval, and Vidkun Quisling. Instead, the nation he made every effort to destroy names a submarine after him.

Destroying Confederate nostalgia, there's a noble cause. As long as a Southerner with a Confederate flag on the back of his pickup truck can claim that someone from Massachusetts in Un-American, there will be something dreadfully wrong with this country.
Hear, hear.

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