Thursday, April 14, 2005



Priorities being what they are, I wonder whatever happened to the investigation into the anthrax attack on former Senator Daschle's office. I guess that, since he's no longer a Senator, the investigation appears to be concluded.

I recall during the 2000 presidential campaign George Bush, Dick Cheney, and many Republicans promised to come to the rescue of our military personnel. "Help is on the way" was the cry. During the 2004 campaign, Republicans by the score invaded local military bases to claim the military electorate by bragging about the Iraq War. But when push comes to shove, the Republicans again failed the test. Sen. Patty Murray (MY senator) on Tuesday introduced a bill to improve the medical care of our returning veterans. Not only did the Republicans on the floor of the Senate vote it down, they voted it down twice.

These are the same chickenhawk Republicans that prefer we and our sons and daughters face combat, but they and their kin actively avoid donning the military uniform. The same parsimonious Republicans that don't like the idea of paying combat pay to combatants. No, they've got higher priorities to work on - like ensuring the American aristocracy can pass their fortunes to their sons without worrying about taxes. Or threatening judges that don't follow the party line.


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