Monday, May 09, 2005


Bozell: Unsuccessful Twists

I can't resist.

L. Brent Bozell's column at Parents Television Council on Laura Bush's comedy stint at White House Correspondents Dinner reinforces my diagnosis of conservative schizophrenia. Or maybe it's whitewash.
... First Lady Laura Bush drew rave reviews from the pundits for her comedic routine playing on ABC's trashy new hit "Desperate Housewives." Mrs. Bush joked that she not only watched the show, but she was a "desperate housewife" who took Mrs. Cheney and Condoleezza Rice and Karen Hughes to see male strippers at Chippendales, where they stuff dollar bills in the dancer's drawers, and that Mrs. Cheney's new Secret Service name was "Dollar Bill."

It shouldn't be surprising that Hollywood's elite looked askance that some uptight, straitlaced, parent-prodding complainers were upset with the First Lady, wondering why she, of all people, had to promote that sleazy ABC show.
Uptight, straitlaced, parent-prodding complainers like PTC? I actually expected Bozell's article to do exactly that. But, no.
There is, of course, another side to the story. Mrs. Bush has never actually seen the show, and clearly her tongue was placed firmly in cheek. What made the First Lady's routine such a smash with the crowd was the implausibility of it all. Those who follow the Bushes around with notebooks for their employment would find Laura Bush to be the antithesis of a "Desperate Housewife." The routine was funny because it was Mrs. Bush delivering it.
Oh, OK. Now I understand.

I also understand that if Hillary Clinton delivered those very same lines, Bozell's column would be more in line with what PTC is all about - hysterical and unhinged rantings against everything not falling in line with his narrow religious conservative views.

One more item: Bozell conveniently neglects to mention the bard about the president masturbating a horse. Conveniently.

Schizophrenia? Could be.
Whitewash? Yep.
Hypocrisy? Without a doubt.

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