Sunday, May 15, 2005


Dennis Prager is Taken to Task

Zoe Kentucky at Demagogue points out that Dennis Prager is as much of a hypocrite as many of his fellow Republicans. In rebutting Prager's whining in the Huffington Post that Ann Coulter has been treated rudely, she rightly points out that Coulter takes great joy in calling liberals traitors and liars.

Anyone can expand this thought into a long list stretching back to 1992 and the wing-nut string of lies about the Clintons and threats on their lives and extending it to today's lies about Harry Reid.
I am personally offended at Coulter's lies and extremism. I dismiss this one small episode as she gets what she deserves.

Anyhow, read her article. She takes him down a peg or two in good fashion.

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