Sunday, May 15, 2005


Kansas Education and Intelligent Design

Kansas State Board of Education member and Christian fundamentalist Kathy Martin:
We can't ignore that our nation is based on Christianity - not science.
I suspect that such arrogance is is borne more of ignorance than intent. Coming from a member of an education board is disturbing.

Our nation wasn't based on Christianity, as many of the deist and atheist founding fathers would attest. Our nation was based on many ideas like the principle of personal liberty, representation of the population within government, and freedom from
religious dogma.

Science played a key role in these principles. These ideas stretch back to the Enlightenment. The sudden expansion of ideas and philosophys came about because so many bedrock assumptions of science were challenged and shaken. Science, then as now, determined much of what people incorporated into everyday life. Changes in scientific education walked forward hand-in-hand with changes in philosophy, ideas, culture and even in religion.

Martin is wrong. What's worse, she's ignorant.

Found via Legal Fiction.

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