Monday, May 09, 2005


Parents Television Council: Oops

The Parents Television Council, one part of the hysterical right-wing, has disturbing news:
The Fox broadcast network has again scraped the bottom in reckless and irresponsible programming by featuring an all-out orgy of drinking, drug use, and sexual behavior on the popular and teen-targeted drama series, The O.C. It's one thing for networks to put this sort of content in programs intended for, marketed to and viewed by adults - but to put these kinds of messages in a teen-targeted series at 9pm (8pm Central/Mountain Time) is not only irresponsible, it's inexcusable.

The O.C. invites impressionable young viewers to envy the glamorous teen-aged lead characters who reside in a wealthy, beach-front community. Far from using that influence responsibly, the producers chose to glamorize under-age drinking, drug use, and promiscuous sexuality.

During the April 14 episode, entitled "The Rager," high-school-aged Marissa hosts an unsupervised birthday party for a friend. The party quickly grows out of hand as word of "the rager" spreads. During the party, the camera zooms-in on drug smoking, binge drinking, cocaine snorting, and sexual scenes including a threesome in Marissa's bed. The party ends when one drug-induced guest is found face-down in the swimming pool.
Wait a minute - HOLD THE TAPE!

This is the same Fox broadcast network that is owned by very conservative billionaire sugar daddy Rupert Murdoch AND he also owns Fox News, aka "Republican TV". Rumor has it that they both might be on the same cable channel! Murdoch and Fox (one and the same, for all intents and purposes) have a problem with schizophrenia.

On the other hand, PTC may very well be doing Fox's bidding by revealing the lascivious details of this new Fox show. Broadcast marketing people know that in order to get viewers, you give them a little tittilating taste of what lies behind the curtain. PTC just might be a good vehicle this task. I'll keep reading, you can count on that!

Schizophrenic, I tell you!

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