Saturday, May 14, 2005


Wing-Nuts are Threatening Their Own

Yesterday I ran across Erick's note at wherein he states:
In a stunning development, Senator Voinovich (R-OH) has gone off the reservation. He is refusing to support John Bolton as Ambassador to the United Nations.
And within the comments, this:
Someone, somewhere, has something on Voinovich. We need to identify that something and broadcast it to the world.
Independent thinking can bring the wrath of The Party.

Today I find Quin Hillyer's article regarding the nuclear option at Southern Appeal:
Doesn't Frist understand that if you have a victory in hand, you MUST take it?!? I guarantee, if there is a deal that sacrifices nominees, and especially if Bill Pryor is one of the sacrifices, the Republican activists will rightfully go nuts and these senators, and this White House, will find they have forfeited their majority, forfeited everything. They WILL NOT SURVIVE -- politically speaking of course -- any move that sacrifices Pryor. I guarantee it. Indeed, I will work to ensure it. The fury on the right will obliterate their careers. Book it.
They eat their own.

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